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As one of institutions dedicated to the  research of environment in China, the Institute of Environmental Engineering(IEE) at School of Metallurgy and Environment of CSU is pledged to the development of sustainable solutions that allows minimizing the impact of human activities on environment.

IEE conducts research in a wide arrange of fields, including mainly three research directions under developing as follows: (1) heavy metal clean production and emission reduction; (2) three heavy metal wastes (waste gas; waste water; industrial residue) treatment and utilization; and (3) remediation of heavy metal contaminated sites. IEE has developed more than 30 technologies, including lead clean smelting and secondary waste recycling technology, lead, tin, antimony, bismuth clean smelting and low temperature desulfurization technology, a technology for reduction of high-risk waste with rich Fe and small Pb to prepare matte, a technology for advanced treatment and reuse of wastewater containing heavy metals by biologics, a technology for purification and recovery of flue gas containing low-concentration sulfur dioxide, and so on. A heavy metal pollution treatment technical system in the field of nonferrous metallurgy has been successfully established.

IEE has undertaken more than 60 large-scale research projects, such as key state science and technology project, 863 High Tech, national sci-tech support plan, NSFC important project, and so on. A series of impressive achievements have been obtained, including 2 state-level science and technology awards, and over 10 provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards. More than 50 patents for invention have been granted and more than 300 papers have been published in international academic journals. In addition, IEE has completed more than 20 technical services projects given by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and China Nonferrous metals Industry Association, more than 10 formulations of national standards and development programs, and nearly 100 consultancies from other places and enterprises.

Each year hundreds of the most talented students were matriculated, many of them had become outstanding figures in the environmental field.

IEE has established exchanges and cooperation with many world class universities, organizations and enterprises in terms of mutual visits, collaborative scientific research and joint education programs.

As the conflicts between people’s efforts to improve living conditions and nature’s own balance is increasing at an ever increasing speed, we identify more and more responsibilities on our shoulders and a more challenging mission for us to fulfill. Aiming at national environmental strategy and international environmental frontier, we will continuously strive for building up the domestic first-class environmental discipline with distinctive research characteristics, advanced scientific facilities, outstanding personnel and an innovative management system.

We sincerely look forward to your support.

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