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International student exchange meeting held by School of Metallurgy and Environment

Time:2023-03-06    Visits:

On the evening of March 1, the School of Metallurgy and Environment (SME) held the first phase of the International Student Exchange Conference in the 313 conference room of Jingui Building in the new campus.

This activity focuses on international students to better adapt to the study, life and language environment. It aims to enhance international students' understanding of Changsha and CSU and help them quickly integrate into their study and life.

Professor Chen Ailiang, Deputy Dean of the School of Metallurgy and Environment, Ms. He Jiamin, and student representatives of the school attended the event, with 31 international students from Indonesia participating. The activity was hosted by Jiang Ziang, a 2021 graduate student of the college.

At the beginning of the conference, Professor Chen Ailiang first welcomed the arrival of international students. She looks forward to strengthening cultural integration in full exchange and solving the learning and living needs of international students through the holding of a series of exchange activities themed "Building a cultural exchange belt and paving the way for unity and friendship".

Later, Professor Chen Ailiang raised several hopes for international students: first, they should actively adapt to the new learning and living environment, actively integrate into Central South University, and realize their life ideal; Second, we should continue to grow in our study, earnestly learn professional knowledge, use our spare time to enrich our vision, constantly improve our own quality, and strive to become the backbone of the industry development; The third is to understand Chinese culture in the process of cultural exchange and mutual integration, and to be a friendly envoy of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

At the exchange meeting, Jiang Ziang, the 2021 graduate student of the college, introduced the beauty of Changsha to international students from four perspectives, namely, geographical location, natural scenery, cultural sites and delicious food, with the theme of "Changsha with characteristics of vocabulary sharing".

Afterwards, the communication will be conducted in a free and relaxed atmosphere. International students exchanged and interacted with the representatives of participating students on the theme of "traditional festivals, dormitory environment, food around the campus, coffee and Chinese tea".

The CSU Indonesia Metallurgical Engineering International Master's Program is a tripartite cooperation between Central South University and the Indonesian government and Greenway Group. It has not only established friendly relations between China and Indonesia, but also built an international platform for the world and the future. The goal is to make the international master class project as famous as the "Ya'an Wanzhou High speed Railway", and to create a model of "the Belt and Road" cooperation in running schools.

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