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Jiang Bang Jun was born to an ordinary family on March 1971 (Chongqing, China). In February 1977, his family had to move to Renqiu in the Hebei province due to his father's job. It was during this period that Jiang Bang Jun's passion for martial arts started. As a naturally active kid, Jiang Bang Jun fortunately also inherited his martial talents from his parents. His father played a very important role in his training style and was a big influence in him joining the martial arts world. After Jiang entered elementary school, his father, who was a big martial arts fan, used to wake him and his brothers up very early for jogging and practicing martial arts. Also encouraged by his father, Jiang joined the North China Petroleum Sport Association Martial Arts Team in September 1984. At that time, he was already one of the oldest team members, and his joints were not so flexible. He knew that in order to catch up with the others he had to work harder, because like gymnastics, wushu flexibility can be more easily acquired while still young.

competitionIn June 1986, he earned 5th place in ChangQuan (youth category) at the 7th Hebei Province Sports Meeting. This result was not worth to mention but it's at that time that he felt the excitement and motivation for further competition. In 1987, in the Hebei Province Wushu Championships, he won the Sword (Dao) category, did second in "required forms" empty-hands category, and fourth in stick (Gun).

Then, the same year, Jiang represented the Petroleum Sports Association (NB: in China, every business industry has its own sports association) at the 6th National Games, every 4 years high-level competition in China, it was the perfect place to go for self-realization. This competition broadened Jiang's perspectives.

In 1987 he went to Daqing Sports School, training was extremely strict and strengthened Jiang's foundation. His coach had two videos (87 national championship & 87 youth championships) that he regarded as the treasure. On the week-end Jiang used to stay at his coach place who was going back home, and watch the videos many times a day.

In 1989, Jiang was second at the National Youth Wushu Championships, in NanQuan and Sword (Jian) categories. In september 1990, Jiang was directly admitted to the "Movement" Department of Shenyang Sports Institute. Thanks to cultural & theoretical studies, he got a degree of training pedagogy. In 1991 he won 4th in the National Wushu Championship in sword (Jian).

In 1994 Jiang helped the Liaoning Wushu Team to go up to the A division, and did 2nd in Sword (Jian) and 3rd in YingZhaoQuan (eagle claw style) and 4th in DuiLian (fight pattern).


In July he graduated from the Sports Institute, got his bachelor degree in education, then became Wushu teacher in the martial arts office of the institute. In July 1995 he was admitted by Wu Bin, the famous coach of Jet Li, to join the Beijing Wushu Team, both as a coach and athlete. It was an exceptional opportunity as far as he had no professional experience before. When he was a kid, the Shaolin Temple movie had had influence on his passion for martial arts, and entering the team where Jet Li had been trained was very exciting to him.

Because of his deep enthusiasm in martial arts and his consistent hard-working, in 1996 he realized his dream to get the National Champion title. Indeed in 1996 he did first in the all-around category and also ChangQuan, Sword (Jian), Double Hooks (Shuang Gou), DuiLian (fight pattern). This result excited him a lot but he managed to remain an ordinary guy, and kept on working very hard.

Unfortunately, the worst athlete's natural enemy, "injuries", touched his both knees. It was very painful for him, and after every training he had to use ice to cool down his knees, to make bandages and to visit the doctor.

In early 1998 he recovered a bit from his injury, and hope went back. This year, he did win again the All-round National Champion title. And later he kept on winning many titles in multiple categories. In May 2000, he was selected by the International Wushu Federation to be the official demonstrator for ChangQuan taolu and appeared in the official instructional videoIn 2001, Jiang Bang Jun achieved his highest wushu career in winning the 6th World Wushu Championship in ChangQuan. 

Jiang Bang Jun was invited by the Hong-Kong Wushu Association to train their team before competitions, including the 1999 World Championships and the 2000 Asian Championships. In April 2002 he was invited by the Russian Wushu Association to train the Russian Wushu Team. He was a teacher in the Beijing Wushu Team, and invited by the Beijing Foreign Languages University to train the foreign Wushu team. Master Jiang had been leading and coaching for the Beijing Wushu Team , the Hong Kong Wushu Team in 1999-2000, the Russian National Wushu Team in 2002, and the U.S.A. National Wushu Team in past several years. 

Jiang Bang Jun is a national and international certified judge and has served actively as a judge at numerous national and international wushu competitions.  Jiang Bang Jun founded Professional Martial Arts Academy in 2006 in Sterling, Virginia, to teach and promote wushu in the U.S. He has trained many students into U.S.A. Wushu Team. In 2013 and 2014, he organized and hosted the U.S.A team selection and national competitions on behalf of U.S.A Wushu-Kungfu Federation.

Certificate Medals


  • Wushu World Champion (ChangQuan) at the 6th World Wushu Championships (2001).
  • All-Round National Wushu Champion in 1996 & 1998, in China.
  • Many times National Champion in ChanQuan, Sword, Spear, 3 types of boxing, double weapons and 3 people choreographed fight.