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Professional Martial Arts Academy (PMAA) is led by Head Coach Bangjun Jiang.

Coach Jiang was a key member of the Beijing Wushu Team, where many world renowned martial arts champions were trained. Coach Jiang holds a Wushu World Champion title in ChangQuan (Long Fist-Boxing), which he won at the Sixth International Wushu Competition in 2001. In addition to that, he has reached the official 7th Degree Title of Wushu and holds the highest class ranking as an International Athlete.

Raised in a family with Chinese Wushu tradition, Coach Jiang began practicing Wushu in 1978 at a very young age. He graduated from Shenyang Sports Institute in July 1994, where he was trained to be a professional martial arts coach, and coached for many years after the graduation. Because of his outstanding performance in many China national Wushu competitions, he was selected in 1994 to join the Beijing Wushu Team led by Head Coach Wu Bin, who trained the world famous Wushu champion and Hollywood movie star Jet Li. In May 2000, the International Wushu Federation selected Coach Jiang to be the official performer of the Second Form of ChangQuan (Long Fist-Boxing) and they produced a video based on his performance. Later, he was invited by the Hong-Kong Wushu Association to train their team before the team competed at the 1999 World Championships and the 2000 Asian Championships. In April 2002 he was invited by the Russian Wushu Association to coach the National Russian Wushu Team.


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